Is Laura Ingraham Still Married to Kenny Kramme?


Hey there, curious minds! Ever wondered about the marital status of the renowned conservative political commentator Laura Ingraham? Well, you’re not alone! Laura Ingraham has been a prominent figure in the media, known for her sharp commentary and strong opinions. One burning question that often pops up is whether she’s still hitched to Kenny Kramme. Let’s dive deep into the intricacies of Laura Ingraham’s personal life and explore if the ties between her and Kenny Kramme are still intact.

Laura Ingraham’s Marriage Journey

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Laura Ingraham, a familiar face on television and radio, has had her fair share of ups and downs in her personal life. She tied the knot with James V. Reyes in 2005 but unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce in 2009. However, love found its way back into Laura’s life when she met professional baseball player Kenny Kramme.

The Kenny Kramme Connection

Kenny Kramme and Laura Ingraham’s relationship has been a subject of interest for many. Kramme, a former professional baseball player turned businessman, captured Laura’s heart, and the two were married in 2019.

Rumors and Speculations

Like any public figure, Laura Ingraham hasn’t been immune to rumors and speculations surrounding her personal life. Various tabloids and gossip columns have occasionally sparked rumors about trouble in paradise between Laura and Kenny.

Public Statements

Despite the occasional gossip, Laura Ingraham has maintained a relatively private stance when it comes to her personal life. Neither confirming nor denying rumors, she has kept the public guessing about the status of her marriage with Kenny Kramme.

Recent Updates

As of the latest available information, Laura Ingraham is still legally married to Kenny Kramme. However, details about the current state of their relationship remain scarce, leaving fans and followers eager for updates.

Insights from Close Sources

Sources close to Laura Ingraham and Kenny Kramme suggest that they are focused on their respective careers and maintaining a low profile when it comes to their personal life. This might explain the lack of public information about their relationship status.

Laura’s Privacy Concerns

In an age of constant media scrutiny, Laura Ingraham has expressed concerns about the invasion of privacy. She has often emphasized the importance of separating her professional and personal life, choosing to keep certain aspects of her relationships away from the public eye.

Laura Ingraham’s Marriage Journey

Laura Ingraham’s marriage journey has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions and experiences. After her divorce from James V. Reyes in 2009, Laura embarked on a new chapter in her life. Meeting Kenny Kramme brought a renewed sense of hope and happiness to Laura’s world. Their wedding in 2019 marked a significant milestone in Laura’s personal life, showcasing her resilience and capacity for love amidst life’s challenges.

Navigating Rumors and Speculations

Navigating the murky waters of rumors and speculations has become a recurring theme in Laura Ingraham’s life. Despite her efforts to maintain privacy, the media’s insatiable appetite for gossip often leads to unfounded rumors about her marriage with Kenny Kramme. While these rumors may cast shadows on their relationship, Laura remains steadfast in her commitment to preserving the sanctity of her personal life.

The Importance of Privacy in Laura’s Life

Privacy holds a paramount importance in Laura Ingraham’s life. As a public figure, she understands the scrutiny that comes with fame but refuses to let it dictate the boundaries of her personal relationships. By guarding her privacy fiercely, Laura asserts control over her narrative, ensuring that her marriage with Kenny Kramme remains a sacred and intimate aspect of her life away from the prying eyes of the public.


In conclusion, while Laura Ingraham’s marriage to Kenny Kramme still stands, the specifics of their relationship remain private. Despite occasional rumors and speculations, Laura has managed to maintain a level of privacy surrounding her personal life, leaving fans curious yet respectful of her boundaries.

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